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Faq - Deas Construction Co

Insurance companies generally prefer that you contact us before them. If your home or business has been damaged, call Deas Construction immediately. We will get our trucks to your location as fast as possible, perform an inspection, and with your permission, begin the initial steps of the restoration process. Along the way, we will work with your insurance company to make a claim and we work directly with the insurance company’s adjuster to get your home or business back to normal.

First, make sure the area is safe. Evacuate if necessary and if you haven’t already, call the fire department to inspect the damaged area for possible hazards. Depending upon the extent of damage, the house may still be livable. It is important to contact Deas Construction quickly, because the longer smoke and soot stay in the home, the more difficult it is to clean and deodorize. Also, do not attempt to clean the fire or smoke damage yourself. Our restoration professionals have scientific methods and the proper equipment to specifically clean different types of damage and materials. 

Yes we do. Deas Construction is open 24/7/365 and has trained board up crews to make sure that your home or business is secure after the fire has been put out.

First, make sure the area is safe, and evacuate if necessary. You should call Deas Construction quickly, because the water can spread to additional areas. Avoid walking on affected areas. Also, if left for a period of time, mold and mold-forming bacteria can begin to spread. The longer a damaged home is left before treatment begins, the more damage will expand into other areas of the home.

Identify the source of the incoming water and, if possible, stop it or promptly call our professional remediation experts to handle it. To reduce electrical hazards, turn off all electrical appliances in and around the area affected. Remove or elevate furniture from wet areas to prevent permanent stains or rust marks. Empty out closet floors, including shoes and cardboard boxes which could cause staining. You can call us day or night to schedule an inspection and begin drying procedures.

This will depend on the scope of damage, layout of your home or business, and your comfort level. This is a discussion that you should have with our staff and your insurance company.

Some things to consider:

Does your policy provide off-site accommodations? Many do but some can be subject to a per-diem limit or overall length of stay limit.

What rooms did the water, fire or smoke affect? If a kitchen or the only bathroom is out of commission, you may want to make other arrangements. If an upper floor is affected but you have use of the main floor it could be OK.

Is it worth the potential hassle to stay during restoration? There will be a lot of activity at the property during the cleanup effort. Chemical applications, equipment running and people coming and going etc. 

This obviously depends on the size and scope of your loss. It can range from weeks for small damage to months for larger events. Quite often, fire scenes are locked down by local authorities until they have completed their investigation and documentation. Your insurance company will likely want to see the damage first-hand, and may want to conduct their own investigation to determine causation and review your policy to determine coverage. Our initial estimates must be reviewed and approved by your insurance company prior to work commencing. We will push to get initial steps approved ASAP and once we get the green light we will go over our work plan with you and provide you with target dates for each major step in the restoration.

If this ordeal has created an opportunity for you to do the upgrade or remodel you’ve been wanting, then we can help. Deas Construction is a full service company. However, please keep in mind that upgrades and changes beyond the scope of restoration are generally at the expense of the property owner and not covered by insurance.